Our moorings sit adjacent to the sand bar and Burrow Island, they extend further up the creek under the Millennium Bridge.

We have a mixture of pile and sinker moorings, some stay deep enough for an average depth vessel up to 30ft, however most are tidal and will dry out. See our Bye Laws and galleries for examples and the rules.

Moorings available are listed in the Clubhouse.

The member only section of the website will have a document showing available moorings as and when committee requests one (Typically following monthly committee meetings)
Contact the Hon Moorings officer for any further details at gccmoorings@virginmedia.com

Any requirement to use Lulu, the club workboat, must be approved by the mooring officer IN ADVANCE!

There is a list of trained individuals that can advise and help if needed see the Noticeboard in the Club for more details.

How to apply for a mooring and mooring requirement’s.

Mooring Requirement’s
How to apply for a mooring.
1/ Check tea room notice board or website for available moorings.
2/ Check that the mooring is suitable for your boat. You will need at least 4 foot clearance fwd and aft. The distance between all piles are to be found on the moorings notice board.
3/ When satisfied your boat will physically fit on the chosen mooring send an email to the Honorary Mooring Officer at gccmoorings@virginmedia.com requesting consideration for your chosen mooring.
4/ The HMO on the day of the next committee meeting will check all applications for moorings.
The HMO will then make a decision as to whether or not you will get your chosen mooring.
The HMOs recommendations will be put before a full committee who will either ratify or reject the HMOs decision.
There are a few things to be taken into account when the HMO is making his recommendations and these are:
1/ Will the boat physically fit on that mooring.
2/ Is it a 25 foot boat applying for a 55 foot mooring? In which case you would fail on suitability.
3/ Then lastly the HMO would consider seniority. If 2 people applied for the same mooring with identical boats and one had been a member 5 years and one had been a member 2 years the person with 5 years seniority would be awarded the mooring.
There is no favouritism attached to mooring allocation but in fact clear rules to be met and adhered to by the HMO.
Once mooring is allocated you will need to put fwd and aft lines on the pile or sinker mooring (one metre of suitable chain and then rope to your cleats. You will need 2 lines fwd and 2 lines aft. These are to be attached totally independently to the ring with a shackle for each line. It is a waste of time attaching 2 lines with one shackle because is this shackle was to give up you would not be attached one end.
Members are responsible for the mooring lines from the slider ring to their boat and if on a sinker mooring are responsible for everything including the sinker except the Gold sinkers when they are only responsible only for the mooring lines to their boats.
Regular checking of line are the members responsibility and if you are on a 2 boat pile you are both responsible for suitable fendering, deciding on line set up between boats i.e. breast lines, springs etc. and if you are going to use one pick up line between the two boats or one each.
If you require any help with sinker moorings or mooring lines please contact the HMO, who would be happy to advise.