Our moorings sit adjacent to the sand bar and Burrow Island, they extend further up the creek under the Millennium Bridge.

We have a mixture of pile and sinker moorings, some stay deep enough for an average depth vessel up to 30ft, however most are tidal and will dry out.

Moorings available are listed in the Clubhouse.

The member only section of the website will have a document showing available moorings as and when committee requests one (Typically following monthly committee meetings)


Q. How do I book the Scrubbing Pad

A. Please use the online calendar.

Q. Where are you?

A. We are nestled between the bridge and the marina at the end of weevil lane in Gosport, see the Contact Page for more full details.


Q. How much does it cost to join GCC

A. £600 joining fee (one off fee) £50 Family £35 Ordinary £15 Junior
You can now apply for our under the bridge membership which spreads the £600
joining fee over five years, making it easier to join.

Fill in the membership Application form and email to the address on the form

Q. Do you have social members ?

A. We are very sociable! However we are a small club dedicated to boating and at this time we do not have all our moorings filled and have no plans to accept new members without a boat and a mooring allocated.

Q. Can I hire the club for a function?

A. Members may hire the club and use the facilities whilst retaining full responsibility for their guests.

Q. When are subscriptions due?

A. October 31st, or your membership ceases! (Renewals issued 1st October)

Q. Do you have disabled facilities?

A. We have ground floor facilities, disabled parking and a stairlift. Activities on the pontoon and water remain the sole responsibility of the individuals. We are a diverse membership and welcome all applicants.

Q. Do you have a bar

A. Yes we have a fully stocked bar with a dance floor and room for entertaining. A flag officer must be present when the bar is open.

Q. Do you have Rallies?

A. Yes we regularly travel around the solent and have up to twenty boats in attendance regularly throughout the summer period.

Q. When will membership renewal happen ?

A. This happens each October, you are reccomended to pay by bank transfer if at all possible.

Q. My children are over 18 can they join in a family membership?

A. No sorry, They can however attend the club as your guests until such time they are ready to become full members themselves.


Q. I have a fin keel boat over 30 feet long can I join?

A. We can usually only accommodate vessels with no keel, lifting keel or bilge (twin keels) and our moorings are not big enough to accommodate larger vessels than 30ft. There are bigger moorings from time to time but lengthy waits are likely for new members

Q. How do I apply for a mooring?

A. When you join and if we agree that we can accommodate your boat you are free to apply for any mooring that becomes available, moorings are issued upon your seniority (that depends on how long you have been a member) and boat suitability.

Q. Can I have my boat ashore at the club?

A. We share craneage costs per foot, and every October and April hire a crane to lift in and out over a weekend, you pay yard fees for the time ashore.
If you have a trailer you can store a boat all year round but we do not have a slipway to launch.

Q. How often do new moorings become available?

A. Generally there are moorings available, we can usually cater for new members temporarily providing their vessel has been approved by the Hon Moorings Officer.
Once a month decisions are made by the management committee.

Q. What tackle do I need for a pile mooring?

A. See some example photos in the gallery
The mooring officer must approve all tackle before it is laid. GCC Bye-Laws (Moorings) Section 1.f)