Minutes of the Management Committee meeting held in the Clubhouse on
Monday 13 May, 2024
Messrs K Dickens, B Frampton, J Rigby, T Pottle, S Smedley, V Harrison,
M Squibb, J Dawson
Mesdames B George, I Davis
Apologies S Ellis, A Carlton, P Lambden, S Lambden
The meeting opened at 19.10
The minutes of the meeting held on 2 April 2024 had been circulated and approved. V
Harrison proposed and B Frampton seconded that the minutes were a true record of that
meeting. The meeting voted in favour.

  • The Commodore thanked the Committee members for attending the meeting. He
    appreciated how hard they worked for the benefit of the Club but wanted to ensure
    that they also took advantage of their down time. He reminded members that
    discussions and information at meetings in the Committee room were not for general
    consumption and should not be spread around. Club members should be treated
    with respect and any personal issues taken to the Commodore. Any general issues
    should be brought to Committee meetings.
  • Memberships and moorings were both nearly full. We were still looking for new
    members and hoping to encourage younger and more active people. There then
    followed a discussion on the current demographic of the membership.
  • The welding team was to be started and railings to be fitted to the mooring barge.
    Fitting a safety ladder was also considered. The piles which needed repair were to be
    dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Social – the Commodore asked that the Committee think about the sort of events
    we would like to see and encourage Club members to get involved to run it.
  • S Smedley would act as Project Manager
  • Finances – the Commodore, Honorary Treasurer and M Squibb were to have a
    discussion regarding their roles in the day-to-day and the book-keeping aspects.
  • J Dawson – would deal with electrical issues.
  • T Pottle as Honorary Mooring Office would continue to deal with mooring issues.
  • V Harrison would act as Clubhouse Manager and Bar Manager and would be run by
    trained members with support by a Flag Officer. A plan to extend the WiFi from the
    Clubhouse to the moorings would be reviewed.
    Nothing to report

  • The costing from Baker Trayte to check the rear sinkers on the gold moorings was
    checked. The Committee agreed that this would be done after lift-out when it would
    be easier to clear the boats from these moorings to allow the lifting and checking.
  • The way forward for moorings would be to have the 3 piles repaired allowing the
    boats on other moorings due to this to be able to return to their own moorings.
    Then make a start on the pontoons to the west of the millennium bridge. We think
    we have 4 boats already to go on these.
  • The Honorary Mooring Officer asked permission to purchase a 3 ton block and tackle
    for the mooring barge at £100. The Committee agreed the cost.
  • The dates for lift out were discussed and the preferred date approved by the
    Committee was 19th & 20th October.
  • Concerns had been expressed regarding a member’s handling of his boat. This was
    discussed and it was agreed that the Commodore would speak to the member
  • At the last meeting a query had been raised regarding a boat left on the beach.
    There are two rules covering this topic which contradict each other. One saying we
    can charge for it and another saying it is forbidden. These are to be resolved shortly.
  • Mooring Allocations –
    o Green 1A – 7 applicants: awarded to Andrew Blackman on seniority and
    suitability of vessel
    o White 1 1 applicant: awarded to Tim Wadham as sole applicant and
    suitability of vessel.
    The meeting voted in favour of the allocations.
  • There has been a lot of interest expressed by members in respect of pontoon
  • It was suggested that a mooring area be created alongside the pontoons in the pond
    to facilitate disabled members to access their boats. The Commodore asked the
    Committee members to consider the suggestion for their next meeting.
  • A work party would be organised for Saturday 1 June to tidy the yard and deal with a
    repair to the pontoon. Volunteers would also be required for a deep-clean of the
  • Room for the new workshop to be built in the compound will require the loss of
    between 15 and 20 dinghy racks. Members will be asked to ensure that their
    dinghies are named. The racks will be cleared of unnamed dinghies which will be
    disposed of.
  • The cost to the Club of providing electricity in the yard had escalated. J Dawson
    advised that he had investigated the cost of buying electric meters and the relevant
    equipment for use in the yard. The meeting agreed that this was needed. Jamie
    agreed that he would take this forward, do some further research and bring details
    back to the Committee.
    No report
    No report
  • Funds in the current account £53,553.91 and in the savings account £111,418.38
  • The question of re-registering for VAT was back with the Honorary Treasurer for
  • Debtors – the list of debtors was reviewed. It was agreed that the Commodore would
    de-activate the fobs of members who had not paid their membership renewal fee.
    He would let the relevant members know the action that was to be taken. The
    outstanding debt of one member would be dealt with under Club rule 19. Property
    of Members in Default by I Davis and M Squibb. Two debtors were no longer Club
    members their debt would be written off.
  • A supply of members expenses claim forms would be made available in the tea room
    so that claims, together with receipts, could be made to recover personal expense on
    behalf of the Club.
  • A member had advised that HM Revenue and Customs would not give advice
    regarding VAT on moorings. However, it may be possible to get advice from the RYA
    regarding the possibility of getting a dispensation. M Squibb would follow up.
  • The taps in the tea room were to be repaired
  • It was proposed to raise the bar fund from £300 to £500. The meeting voted in
  • It was suggested that a barrel chiller be bought for the cellar. B George and V
    Harrison to review options available.
  • A new UPS battery was required for the office. J Dawson would deal with.
  • Three projects are ready to go. The first of which is the workshop and to get its base
    poured. Offers had been received from members to get some of the work done on
    other projects.

  • The draft minutes of the AGM held on 14 April 2024 were to be issued to members
    individually together with a covering letter.
  • The pond fees for a member with a boat in the pond were due to increase shortly.
    He was to be advised date and cost of the increase due.
  • A review was made of members who had not undertaken a security duty during the
    period from October 2023 to April 2024 (the period the boats were ashore for the
  • winter).
  • The member whose boat was to be sold to cover his debt to the Club had not settled
    the amount outstanding. Actions to effect the sale recommence from 17 May 2024.
    M Squibb will have the vessel valued.
    The date of the next meeting was agreed as Monday 3 June 2024
    There being no further business the meeting closed at 21.20
    K Dickens