Minutes of the Management Committee meeting held in the clubhouse on

Tuesday 2nd April 2024


Messrs: S Smedley, J Rigby, T Pottle, B Frampton, K Dickens, V Harrison, P Lambden, M Squibb

Mesdames: I Davis, B George, S Lambden

Apologies: J Dawson, Mrs S Ellis

The meeting opened at 19.00

The minutes of the meeting held on 5 March 2024 had been circulated and approved.  T Pottle proposed and K Dickens seconded that the minutes were a true record of that meeting.  The meeting voted in favour.


  • A meeting had been held at the Club between Gosport Borough Council (Planning), Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) ecologist and Lymington Technical Services (Paul Toswell and ecologist) representing Gosport Cruising Club.  The outcome of the meeting was most positive.  Paul needs to amend our Habitats Regulation Appraisal (HRA) and once this has been completed Savings   HCC ecologist would make his recommendations to Natural England.  The members of the meeting could not see any reason for any objections.
  • The Commodore was preparing for the Annual General Meeting by costing up the projects which were planned.  However, funds in the Club account needed to be ring-fenced in order to meet our annual running costs.  Following discussion it was agreed that the sum of £35,000 would be ring-fenced.
  • The gates had been repaired/refurbished and were working satisfactorily.
  • J Chapman had cleared the compound of scrap metal and taken this to a local dealer.  A cheque in the sum of £66.00 was passed to the Honorary Treasurer.


  • A disclaimer for the concrete boat had been obtained.
  • Second bank account – the Honorary Treasurer had experienced problems getting responses from bank locally.  The Club was expecting the balances on our accounts to be reduced below the threshold £85,000 as we started work on the projects and it was agreed that the enquiries regarding a second bank account be put on hold.
  • A yacht cradle/stands had been purchased for the Club to loan out to members.  A charge of £100.00 p.a. was agreed.
  • The Honorary Secretary would check the licenses for the computer services which we use.  The right licenses were needed for the systems which we use.


  •  The balance in the Savings Accounts was £111,418.38
  • The balance in the Current Account was   £49,403.69
  • Payment had been made in respect of Club insurances, the gates and the Portsmouth Offshore Group (POG) mooring
  • No further payment had been received from the long-term debtor.
  • M Squibb had raised invoices for the winter storage charges and payments were being received.
  • Details of outstanding debts were discussed and actions agreed
  • E Ellis would make payment for his mooring and then proposes to relinquish the mooring
  • Members who have long term storage had been advised that their storage fees will be increased with effect from October.
  • A member with financial problems had approached the Committee with details of their issues.  After discussion a resolution was proposed and the Committee agreed the proposal.
  • The Honorary Treasurer would speak to the Accountant regarding the registration for VAT.
  • Year end accounts would be ready in the next few days.
  • Winter storage bills had already been issued
  • How were funds to acquire building materials for the workshop to be provided?  The Club has a debit card which should be used.


  • Annual General Meeting – if anyone wanted any help with information to support their reports the Vice Commodore would help.  The Honorary Mooring Officer would make the angling section report; the Brian Bennett Cup would be engraved; the Honorary Treasurer’s may not be available to deliver his report but this would be covered by M Squibb
  • Blind Veterans UK – the annual visit from the Blind Veterans would take place on Saturday 3 August 2024.  More details would be available nearer the time.


  • Other than the plan to review the date for the check of the fire extinguishers there was currently nothing further to report.
  • A key for the letter box in the office is to be kept in the office.
  • The key to “Lulu” is missing.  It was agreed to have a copy cut (from the spare key).
  • The external letter box on the gates is to be re-instated on the wicket gate.


  • An individual, not a Club member, had accessed the yard by mistake and could not exit.  J Harris, on security duty, had let them out.
  • A ladder had been noticed against the inside of the gate together with a bicycle on the outside.  The Commodore would speak to D Wheeler regarding the view from the camera.
  • The light by the wicket gate was not working.  B Frampton would deal with this.


  • Applicant A Reeves had joined the Club at the previous weekend.
  • Applicant R Taylor had attended a new member’s meeting prior to this Committee meeting.  Following this interview the Committee voted to accept Mr Taylor as a member.


  • The Rear Commodore and the Honorary mooring Officer had completed their walk around of the yard prior to the lift-in.
  • Following lift-in it may be necessary to ask members to remove their trailers.


  • M Aimable had applied for vacant mooring Yellow 2A (from White 1).  His vessel was suitable for the new mooring and he was the only applicant.  The meeting voted in favour.
  • Chains and shackles had been acquired from Baker Trayte
  • The mooring barge had been used to lay two sinkers for members.
  • Work to start on pontoons to the west of the bridge shortly
  • Broken moorings were to be fixed after lift-in.  Bad weather and tides prevented this work being carried out earlier. Boats on these moorings to be temporarily accommodated elsewhere.  A Harris made a temporary fix with chain on Grey 5.  Thanks were recorded to Andy.
  • Licence sticker allocation was going well.  The stickers would be available at lift-in.
  • The Honorary Mooring Officer would like to swap Yellow 1 (Tony Salmon) with Yellow 2 (Dave Reddington).   This would facilitate two yachts mooring on Yellow 1 and two motor boats mooring on Yellow 2.  A better use of the moorings.
  • “Lulu’s” propellor had to be replaced with the Club spare.  The Honorary Mooring Officer asked permission to replace the spare.  The meeting granted permission.

The Honorary Mooring Officer thanked everyone involved in the Mooring Team and thanks to all members for their support during the past year.  

  • The Commodore asked the Committee to consider reviewing how the Club charged for borrowed moorings i.e. to consider doubling the cost of the borrowed mooring and pro-rata the charge to the member for the borrowed mooring.
  • A member had had his mooring laid but he currently had his vessel on the beach in front of the Clubhouse.   Bye-Law 4Launching and Foreshore -”The launching facilities and foreshore must not be obstructed”.  It was agreed to ask him to move his boat to the pond within the next week.


  • An ex-member had asked to use the clubhouse for an event (approx. 20 people).  The event must be hosted by a current member and the Commodore volunteered to act as host.
  • Gosport D Day Fellowship had asked to use the Club for fund raising.  This event would be hosted by Club members the Messrs Salmon.
  • The lift-in breakfast would be available from 07.00


  • Permission was granted to post a notice on the notice-board.


  • The signs removed from the “old” gates were to be replaced on the replacement gates
  • Strop stickers for the boats being lifted-in were in the tea room
  • Expenses claim forms were to be made available in the tea room

Finally the Commodore gave a big “Thank you” to all members of the Committee for all their hard work, help and support over the past three years.

The date of the next meeting was agreed as Monday 13 May 2024 at 19.00

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.50