Our moorings sit adjacent to the sand bar and Burrow Island, they extend further up the creek under the Millennium Bridge.

We have a mixture of pile and sinker moorings, some stay deep enough for an average depth vessel up to 30ft, however most are tidal and will dry out. See our Bye Laws and galleries for examples and the rules.

Moorings available are listed in the Clubhouse.

The member only section of the website will have a document showing available moorings as and when committee requests one (Typically following monthly committee meetings)
Contact the Hon Moorings officer for any further details at gccmoorings@virginmedia.com

Any requirement to use Lulu, the club workboat, must be approved by the mooring officer IN ADVANCE!

There is a list of trained individuals that can advise and help if needed see the Noticeboard in the Club for more details.